Water quality testing is important because it identifies contaminants including water-borne diseases. Essentially, water quality testing measures bacteria and other substances so they you know if the water is safe and meets local and international water standards. All water for human consumption must be tested for safety.
Chemical and Physical Testing is done monthly by Aussie Aqua

Microbiological testing is done twice a year…

The only test needed to operate a water station is the Microbiological once a year….

Monthly testing can be requested but Aussie Aqua does it monthly for our clients…

Physical tests indicate properties detectable by the human senses such as salt and minerals.
Chemical tests determine the amounts of mineral and organic substances that affect water quality.
Bacteriological tests which form part of the overall testing show the presence of bacteria for example any tiny amounts of faecal pollution would be picked up.

January 2020 Physico-Chemical Water Analysis Results

Past Results

July 2019