Frequently asked Questions?


Is Aussie Aqua fully licensed and registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)?

Yes – in order to deliver drinking water within the Clark Freeport Zone Aussie Aqua must meet minimum standards and adhere to strict compliance regulations.  This includes both Philippine government and Clark Development Corporation requirements.  As part of these requirements Aussie Aqua must have our water laboratory tested at least every 6 months.  A copy of all regulatory documents and water test results can be provided upon request.   Many of these documents can be downloaded from our website:

Can Aussie Aqua provide our business with an Acknowledgement Receipt accredited from BIR?

Yes – on each delivery Aussie Aqua staff will provide your company with a Sales Invoice Receipt and depending on individual company requirements we will issue a monthly Statement of Account and Acknowledgement Receipt.

Does Aussie Aqua drinking water really come from Australia?

No – although many have said our water tastes great it must come from Australia which is renowned for having clean and fresh water without additional filtration.  Our water is sourced through natural ground water (cleaner than Angeles tap water) and then goes through our 32-stage filtration process as outlined on our website.

How much is your delivery charge and what areas do you deliver?

Provided you order a minimum of 3 Round or Slims (Rectangular) containers per order there is NO Charge for delivery within the immediate Angeles, Clark and Friendship areas.


Does Aussie Aqua offer discounts for bulk or large orders?

Yes – price is negotiable where customers order 10 or more round or slim containers per week.  Further discounts are applicable for bulk weekly orders.  Please call or make contact for discount pricing.

Will Aussie Aqua supply Hot & Cold water dispensers if I order regularly?

Yes – provided you order a minimum of 10 gallons per week (households) we will supply a ‘loan’ dispenser free of charge.  If the minimum number cannot be ordered, then dispensers are available to rent at P400 per month.

Commercial businesses including Small, Medium and Large operations will also be provided with dispensers however, the minimum order per dispenser provided is 20 gallons.

Retail outlets including ‘dealers’ do not normally qualify for free dispensers.


Does Aussie Aqua offer a cleaning service for Hot & Cold water dispensers?

 Yes – provided you have a facility where our staff can clean the dispenser efficiently then we will clean all components on site for a fee of P150 per dispenser.  Alternatively, we can swap your dispenser for another whilst we take your dispenser to our shop for thorough inspection and cleaning.  The cost for this service is P200 per dispenser.

In most cases Aussie Aqua will offer a regular dispenser cleaning service as part of our Service Level Agreement with larger commercial businesses.  Please discuss for further details.

Will Aussie Aqua provide credit terms?

Yes – for small, medium and large businesses Aussie Aqua will provide a 30-day credit facility.  This in real terms normally equates to 6 weeks credit.  How does it work?  Typically, we provide credit for the entire month and calculate your water consumption (after keeping daily records) at the end of the month.  During the first week of the new month you will be issued with an invoice payable within 7 days.


Is it true that Aussie Aqua gives back to the community?

Yes – Aussie Aqua is a proud supporter of the monthly RSL medical mission.  The RSL medical mission provide a wonderful service for local communities and deliver medical expertise to help underprivileged families obtain medical services that they would not normally receive.  Aussie Aqua donates bottled water for the community and RSL members who given generously of their time.

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