Corporate Bonds

Aussie Aqua is issuing corporate bonds for investors looking for a sound investment that returns a high rate of interest compared to other investment types.  Aussie Aqua bonds are backed Australian Property and Shares as well as property in the Philippines.


Bond Certificate

What’s in it for you?

  • A solid return on investment – a guaranteed 12.5% Per Annum paid monthly into your nominated BDO, Security Bank or Australian bank account.
  • Each corporate bond is valued at P10,000 or $300 AUD  –  you may purchase any number of bonds until all bonds are issued**
  • Cash out at any time – you can on-sell or pass on your bonds to anyone at any price you choose or Aussie Aqua guarantees to buy back at the ‘issue’ price.  In this way you never lose your initial outlay***
  • You own your bonds issued by an iconic business that has now been in operation more than 5 years in Angeles City and Clark Freeport areas.
  • Be part of our growth and benefit financially as Aussie Aqua expands throughout the Philippines.

*         In the Philippines all monthly interest payments are made to either BDO or Security Bank Accounts only (otherwise bank fees will eat into your returns)

*         In Australia payments can be made into almost any bank, building society, credit union or similar facility.

**        A maximum of 1,000 bonds  will be issued with this current release.

***       If you redeem your bonds before 12 months any interest paid is deducted.


Aussie Aqua

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