Purified Water for Home or Business

Big or Small we are there for YOU.

Aussie Aqua currently supplies water to many homes and families throughout the Angeles City districts and subdivisions. We also supply a range of small and large businesses throughout the Angeles and Clark Freeport Zone areas of Pampanga.

Whether you are a large business ordering hundreds of bottles or a family requiring clean fresh drinking water in your home, Aussie Aqua can provide all your water needs!

Free Delivery on your Alkaline or Purified Water

Free to most areas within Angeles City and Clark Freeport Zone!

Aussie Aqua will deliver directly to your home or office anywhere within the Angeles City and Clark Freeport zone. Free delivery is subject to ordering a minimum of 3 units per order. Please be aware that we do not stock water on site and filter your water as close to delivery as possible.  This way you are assured of clean freshly filtered water.  This process requires careful and timely management so please order your water well before you run out as it could be a few hours before your scheduled delivery.


Clean, Fresh and Great Tasting

Purified water is great because 99.9% of impurities have been filtered out of the water and it stays drinkable for extended periods of time.  Provided you store your water out of the heat and direct sunlight your purified water will last for months.

At Aussie Aqua we can supply both Purified and Alkaline drinking water.


The health benefits of
PH balanced water!

Alkaline water matches more closely the PH balance of the human body. It is believed that drinking alkaline water has many health benefits including cleansing of the body’s blood and tissues.

Why Aussie Aqua?

Aussie Aqua surpasses the standards for bottled water using the latest state-of-the-art purification technologies. With Aussie Aqua you are assured of purified and alkaline water of the highest quality at all times.