Services that Aussie Aqua offers:


Dispenser Cleaning and Repair Services


Aussie Aqua offers a Dispenser Cleaning and Repair service regardless of whether you are a customer of ours or another water supplier.  Our Cleaning and Repair services are open to everyone.

Cleaning Service – Only 300 Peso per Dispenser

If your water coming out of the hot and cold dispenser is not tasting as good as it should, or the color is not as clear as you would expect for Purified, Alkaline or Mineral water then perhaps it’s time to have your dispenser checked and professionally cleaned.

Hot and Cold-water dispensers need thorough and regular cleaning both inside and out.  Most people don’t know how to drain, inspect and then clean their dispenser so that all and any insects, sediment, dust or pollutants are removed.  This is normal as typically dispensers do not come with very good or clear instructions on how to maintain and clean these units.

There are many things to consider and look for when cleaning a dispenser including old and brittle hoses which can also affect the quality of your water.

At Aussie Aqua we do all these things at an affordable price – less than $10 US.

What does this service include?

  1. We pick up your dispenser first thing in the morning if possible. Take it to our shop for thorough draining and cleaning.  We have the correct equipment, soaps and know how to get the job done.
  2. We will also check the dispenser for any obvious faults or leaks, especially the faucets which can wear and leak over time.
  3. Once your dispenser is cleaned, we then return it to your premises or home and provide you with a verbal update on any issues.
  4. If we consider there is a mechanical fault that requires fixing, we will call you prior, explain the situation and give you recommendations and a price range needed to repair your unit. We will NOT carry out any repair work unless you have approved the work.

All this for only 300 pesos!


Repair Service

If your hot and cold dispenser unit is faulty and in need of repair Aussie Aqua can have your unit picked up and returned to our facility for checking and supply an estimate on the repair cost.  Only when approved to go ahead will start work on your dispenser.

In some cases, the damage (typically the motors) may be such that it would be better to replace the whole unit, especially if your unit is more than 10 years old or has been exposed to the outdoors for long periods.

The cost to pick up and provide an estimate and return your dispenser – regardless of having it repaired or not is only 150 peso.


In Summary

Drinking water from a dispenser that is not clean or faulty can be dangerous to your health.  Aussie Aqua now provides a service that can give you peace of mind.  It doesn’t cost much to ensure your dispenser is in top condition and providing fresh, clean and safe water.


For more information on any of our services please give us a call or send a message here or at our Facebook page;



Dispenser Loan Services

Dispenser Loan


One of the advantages of having your water supplied by Aussie Aqua is the option of being provided one or more Hot & Cold-water dispensers.

If your household, small or large business consumes more than 15 large gallons of Purified or Alkaline water per week then you qualify for a ‘free use’ dispenser.  This mean Aussie Aqua will loan you a dispenser for your exclusive use for the entire period that keep ordering your water from Aussie Aqua.

Obviously if you decide to use another supplier for your water needs then Aussie Aqua will require you to return the dispenser so that it can be allocated to other clients.

Importantly the ‘loaned/free-use’ dispenser always remains the property of Aussie Aqua.

What if you use more than 15 gallons per week?

Many larger companies will typically use more than 15 gallons of water per week and in these situations Aussie Aqua will provide more ‘Loan/Free-Use’ dispensers proportional with the number of gallons consumed.

Water Storage Rack Loan Services

In addition to Hot & Cold dispensers Aussie Aqua can also provide a range of storage racks that are purpose built to hold the large round gallons.

These purpose-built racks meet Clark Development Corporation guidelines for the proper storage of water bottles in the Clark Freeport Zone.

The racks come in various sizes but our most popular being the 24 Gallon holder sized model.  Other sizes can be provided and usually take around 3 – 4 weeks to have built and delivered.


The table below provides a guide as to the number of dispensers Aussie Aqua will provide.


Consumption per Week No of Loaned Dispensers No of Loaned Racks
0 – 15 Nil Nil
16 – 30 1 1
31 – 50 2 – 3 1
51 – 70 3 – 4 2
71 – 100 4 – 5 2
101 – 200 5 – 10 3
Over 200 As Negotiated As Negotiated


What if you don’t meet the consumption requirements?

Dispensers, Racks and other purpose-built equipment can be purchased outright or hired on a monthly basis if you do not meet our ‘consumption’ requirements as detailed in the table.



In Summary

Aussie Aqua will provide you with Brand New or close to new hot and cold-water dispensers at no charge (free) provided you consume a minimum amount of water per our schedule.

In addition, you can avail one or more of our purpose built storage racks.

Just another way Aussie Aqua looks after our dedicated clients.


Water Storage Racks

Water Storage Racks

Company label water bottles


500 and 350 Millilitre Bottled Water


Privately Labelled Bottled Water

Having your own ‘privately’ labeled water bottles is a very cost-effective way of treating your customers whilst simultaneously marketing your business or product.

In fact, providing bottled water can be even more profitable than other beverages, for example; beer, soft drinks, wine, etc.  Many establishments mark up water by 300% or more and here’s the kicker; more people are asking for Bottled Water when out an about on the town.

What a great way to make a little profit, hydrate your customer and market your establishment or products.

Some of our clients using privately labeled water include Yamaha, Avis, Europcar, Tourist Transport, NT Realty, The Outsourced Accountants, Clark Outsourcing and BikeWorx to name a few.


Different Types of Labelling

At Aussie Aqua we can provide a range of different options when labeling your own water bottles.


  • Wraparound vinyl labels that highlight your colored logo and have a clear print that stands out from various backgrounds are very popular.

Services - Company Label Water Bottles











  • Logo printed on a ‘clear’ label giving the impression of a quality print. Popular for high-end restaurants and hotels.

Services - Company Label Water Bottles














  • Printed on the bottle itself. A very cost-effective way of having bottles labeled but limits the type of Logos and colors that can be used.  The combination of bottle color and logo color is critical to gain the best visual results.

Services - Company Label Water Bottles














  • Tailored Solutions: The imagination and of course; budget, is the only limit when selecting both the bottles and labels to be used.  Some solutions may include providing ‘specially designed’ PET bottles either available in the Philippines or imported.  Labels might be placed around the top of the bottle rather than on the bottle itself – in situations where the top forms a major part of the bottle.


Generally, the cost will depend on the following:
  • the quality of the label;
  • the quantity of bottles ordered or likely to be ordered over a period of time. The more labels ordered the cheaper the price to print;
  • the quality and quantity of bottles ordered; and
  • availability i.e. is the bottle or label made locally or does it need to be imported.

Depending on volumes ordered 500ml (most popular and cost-effective) prices can range from 7 to 15 pesos each bottle.


The Aussie Aqua Label

Of course, not everyone wants privately labeled water and some of our clients are happy to promote Aussie Aqua via the water they either sell or give to clients.  In these cases we supply our Aussie Aqua printed bottles – the lower cost is also attractive and increases profitability.



In Summary

Aussie Aqua can provide bottled water that is tailored to your requirements.

You can design your own label/logo and promote your company or services in a very cost-effective way.

Giving away water is a great way to develop and keep customers.

Privately labeled bottled water is just another way Aussie Aqua looks after our dedicated clients.