Uncategorized4 Most Common Misconceptions about Drinking Water

We all know that water is a very important aspect in our life. We need to consume it to survive and do daily activities. But how much do you really know about the way you’re drinking it? If you are not yet aware, there are a lot of misconceptions and outdated knowledge about drinking water and here are some of them:

1. We need to drink exactly 8 glasses of water a day.

Contrary to the popular belief, we don’t need exactly 8 glasses of water per day to fuel our bodies – it could be more or less than that. The amount of water our body needs are determined by some factors like body size and composition, physical activities, types of environment and your overall health status. Experts advise that we should drink water every time we feel thirsty regardless of how much you have already consumed during the day.


2. Sports drinks are better than water.

This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions. For most people sports drinks are a waste of money. Sports drinks are just designed for those who are always doing extreme exercise and typically more than an hour at a time. They do contain carbs and electrolytes that help replenish energy and water the body loses after intense physical activities. These drinks may be ideal for ‘extreme’ athletes but for most people water is perfectly sufficient. One should also be aware of the sugars consumed when taking sports drinks. Some people have been known to become addicted to such drinks.

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3. Your urine color indicates how hydrated or dehydrated you are

While a clear urine color may indicate that you are drinking enough water per day, it still varies from person to person. Sometimes even if you are hydrated enough, your urine could be darker in color if you are taking multivitamins or consuming a lot of protein-rich food.

4. Bottled water is always safer to drink than tap water.

In general, bottled water is very safe to drink. Most producers will be administered by government departments and must abide by these regulations. Normal tap water is also governed but the purity of water will vary from country to country and province to province. Both bottled water and tap water can be contaminated if not produced correctly. Water stored in reused plastic can be easily contaminated if the cleaning process is not strictly regulated. In the Philippines there is very little regulation surrounding the cleaning of plastic containers. Be sure you trust your supplier of water regardless of where it comes from. You can always ask for their latest test results.

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Infographic - Common Misconceptions on Drinking Water